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The Peds Army
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With an appetite for destruction, the self-proclaimed “Godfathers of Rasp” are well on their way to a great VH1 Behind the Music episode. In less than a year the band went straight from the practice shed to Main stage at the Milwaukee Metal fest XII. Following the metalfest the Peds had offers from record labels, women and drugs that sent them straight on the path to hell. It’s been exactly 5 years and the Peds are back like a bad slasher flick, ready to destroy the world.

Just outside of Charlotte North Carolina The Peds were formed in 1997 by front man Steven Dunbar and guitarist Steve Cook. Dunbar, a deranged talent with a penchant for fire, porn and just plain grossed-out lunacy had just split with Liquid Devil (which featured Doug Throgmorton of Antiseen on drums). Steve Cook worked with Stuck Mojo in 1995 as guitar tech on the Snappin’ Necks tour and had played in various local acts. The two met when Steve Cook had placed an ad looking for a vocalist for 4 Speed Overdrive. 4.S.O made headlines in local papers for stunts such as performing in front of little kids at a Magic Show. On the spot they changed lyrics like “Undivided attention to the tip of my cock” to “I bought my first bike at the bicycle shop” and threw out penny candy to get the kids excited. Dunbar and Cook grew up worshiping bands like Motley Crue, The Butthole Surfers, Nirvana and the non-stop party animal Ozzy Osbourne. They knew they had to move on if they were going to earn respect and any kind of fanbase older than 8 years old. The two Steves called up two drinking buddies Mark Ben Benson (Drums) and P.J. Schwerin (Bass). Taking the name out of a porno magazine The Peds created Rasp, which they hoped, would rule the world like Hair Metal and Grunge once did. The Peds had an incredible start selling over 5,000 copies of the demo “Ann’s House Of Nuts” and the 1998-mainstage spot at the Milwaukee Metalfest sparked record labels interest. It was the bands lifestyle that ended the party just as soon as it had started; success went straight to their egos. The band split up after just a little over a year together, canceling all touring and recording plans for good.

Guitarist Steve Cook went on to join Dead Speed with members of local acts he had worked with in the past. With the reputation of The Peds it wasn’t long before he got Dead Speed a spot on the Gardy Loo, Mentors, Kill Allen Wrench tour. and an opening on a local Ozzfest gig. During the Mentors tour, club owners and friends helped Steve realize Dead Speed was just a weak version of The Peds. Taking advice from the Mentors manager Gumby he picked up and relocated to the North West. The first year he spent most of his time as a studio musician and recorded the track “All women are insane” with Gumby for The Mentors tribute “Rockin’ with a hood”. Gumby passed away of a Heroin overdose and the location of the recording is unknown.

Exactly 5 years after the last Peds show, The Peds decided to reform and release “Escape From Neverland Ranch”, a collection of demos and unreleased material. They are currently recording new material and plan to tour again this summer. Steve Cook aka Fred Ped & Steven Dunbar, now in their late twenties are much wiser and see what they did wrong in the past. The godfathers of rasp are back with a vengeance.

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