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Fri, Dec. 10th, 2004, 03:20 am
pedsarmy: RE: you suck from rock hill

Dec 9, 2004 07:40 PM
RE: you suck from rock hill

first off lemme say you are a cock strocking thunder cunt. you guy suck you guys suck ass. the band broke up like 6 years ago. let it go, just LET IT GO. oh yeah i talked to dunbar, i know. I am like God here.


fuck the gov't.!!!!!!!!


Dear God Like,

First off let me say, isn't it amazing that a band that broke up 6 years ago and never released anything can somehow remain so popular. The Peds song "Sex With Your Daughter" gets around 200 plays a day from the many websites that contain Peds music. The website shuts down often from too many visitors. The song Dark was used in a movie and one TV show just recently. When I play live, I still get requests for Peds music. All this from a band together less than two years.

You talked to Dunbar? Congratulations! It's been awhile for me, I need to again. I need to tell him we are reaching status of one of our favorite bands Fear. He would laugh so hard at the hype surrounding The Peds these days. Did you know I get an average of two emails a month from bars wanting to book the Peds? ( a band that broke up 6 years ago, hmm weird ) Did you know original drummer Tech Head Ped died in the year 2000? That's what I read online. Or that I was the new bass player for Marilyn Manson when Twiggy left the band. I need to tell Dunbar about Gardy Loo listing the Peds in their last CD credits. We were heavily influenced by Gardy Loo so that was very exciting to see.

Let it go? LET WHAT GO? I'm trying to let go of the fact that you have poor grammar skills and type like an eight year old child.

The Peds are the Godfathers of Rasp. According to a young punk I ran into at a local bar, we are "Punk Rock Legends". We will never die. Like someone told me at a bachelor party one year "Once a Ped always a Ped"!

Fred Ped
Fuck You and Goodbye.!!!!!!!!